Topics in this module will cover the fundamentals of plant nutrient requirements, nutrient availability in soils and soilless substrates, the importance of monitoring programs and give an introduction to best nutrient practices.

This module will review of the various forms of available nutrients and the various fertilization strategies that can be used. Learners will compare the effectiveness of different strategies (from research and empirical data) to maximize plant growth, but minimize nutrient leaching and runoff.

This module will engage you in learning about how to efficiently fertilizer plants.  You will learn strategies to optimize nutrient uptake and review some specific case studies,   You will learn how to calculate actual plant (species) requirements and design species-specific fertilization programs.

This module will enable users to evaluate the risk associated with current water and fertilization strategies. Learners will use this risk assessment process to evaluate their irrigation and nutrient management practices, and develop site-specific BMP's for their operations.